Assisted Living can improve the quality of life for seniors. 

From social events to medication management, Assisted Living communities can boost the living standards of seniors in a variety of ways. Residents are offered safety, socialization and a comprehensive array of amenities and support to ensure their happiness and comfort. Families receive peace of mind in knowing their loved ones are being well-cared for.

Industry experts have identified seven major areas where an improvement in the quality of life is seen in Assisted Living communities:

1. Support for everyday tasks

Most routine daily tasks are taken care of for you in Assisted Living Communities.  For example, most communities serve three centralized meals a day and will prepare specialized meals for residents with restricted diets. Light housekeeping, laundry services, and transportation are also provided. Additional services such as bathing, dressing, and grooming can be contracted with home care agencies for a fee. In some states, if the resident meets eligibility requirements, Medicaid reimbursement is available for personal care.

2. Community connections and social functions

Social circles typically shrink as we age and have fewer opportunities to socialize. Assisted Living communities provide an array of opportunities to connect with others and prevent isolation. Loneliness can have a significant negative impact on one’s health, so engaging in social activities is critically important for seniors.

3. Recreational opportunities

Many assisted living communities host recreational and exercise programs for seniors, according to Eric Leopold, owner of Assisted Living Advisers, based in New York City.

[Assisted Living Advisers] helps people find the most cost-effective and appropriate senior living situations for them. Recreational and athletic amenities at assisted living facilities often include an in-house movie theater, gym, recreation room (that often includes a billiards table), library and computer room, Leopold says. “Some assisted living facilities even have indoor and outdoor pools,” Leopold says. “Most assisted living communities have activity schedules that could keep residents busy nearly every hour of the day.”   – Eric Leopold, Assisted Living Advisers, U.S. News

4. Help with managing medication.

Staff members at Assisted Living communities typically help residents manage their medications. The community will work with the resident’s pharmacy of choice, whether a mail order operation or drugstore, taking the weight off the individual. They may also provide continuing education sessions and medication audits to ensure residents can manage their medications independently.

5. Educational and cultural programs

Many Assisted Living communities provide cultural and academic events, like lectures on a wide variety of subjects. They may partner with local universities to bring in professors to speak on diverse topics. Many assisted living communities also provide opportunities for residents to give talks about their areas of expertise and life experiences.

6. A safe living environment

While falls are common among seniors and often result in injuries that can range from a minor inconvenience to fatal, research shows they can largely be prevented. Assisted Living Communities often have fall prevention programs. Staff members are readily available to assist with falls and offer support that seniors would otherwise be hesitant to request in other living situations.

7. Memory support

Certain Assisted Living communities offer memory support, providing 24/7 access to services for residents living with cognitive decline. The goal is to ensure the residents’ well-being and minimize confusion. Specially-trained staff members keep residents safe, socially engaged and living as independently as possible. Services vary by provider but include direct-care staff members who help residents with daily living activities and therapeutic support. Therapeutic recreation staff interact with residents daily with such activities as art and music that encourage social stimulation and improve mood.

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