The Different Types and Associated Costs of Senior and Elderly Housing Options in and Around New York City.

Find out the average costs of the different types of senior and elderly in-home care, independent living, assisted living, nursing homes, CCRC’s, and memory care communities in the greater New York City area…

Assisted Living Cost in and Around New York City

The costs of assisted living in NYC, as no surprise, is typically more expensive than most other areas nationwide. Generally speaking, assisted living facilities and assisted living communities in NYC vary from one to the next, yet on average can cost anywhere ranging from the low end of $6-8k monthly to the higher end assisted living communities that can range anywhere from $10k+ per month.

Average Cost of In Home Elderly Care in NYC

Depending on the type, needs, frequency of visits, and extent of senior in-home care services needed by a client, will largely affect the costs associated with senior and elderly in-home care services. The costs of in-home care services in NYC can range anywhere from around $2k-$5K+ monthly depending on the scope of in-home care services needed by a client.

Average Cost of Independent Living in NYC

Independent living communities in NYC are also a bit pricier than the state and national independent living averages. Depending on the location, type of independent living community, and level of services provided will all contribute to the monthly costs associated with each new resident’s specific wants, desires, and needs. Generally speaking, independent living communities are usually cheaper than assisted living communities as the level of service and medical care is far more extensive when compared to independent living communities. As such, the average cost of independent living in NYC can range anywhere from $4-6k per month, with high end independent living communities charging anywhere from $6k-8k+ per month.

Average Cost of Nursing Homes in NYC

As with everything in New York City, nursing homes and associated nursing home costs are higher than the national average, approximately $2k per month higher. On average, the cost of a nursing home can range anywhere from $10-$12k per month to start. The costs associated with nursing homes correspond with the services provided such as around the clock monitoring and medical care.

Average Cost of Memory Care in NYC

Memory care communities in NYC are some of the most expensive in the nation due to the location and the additional level of care needed to keep residents healthy, thriving, and safe. The cost of memory care in NYC can start out on the low end of $8-10k per month with high end facilities charging upwards of $15k+ per month. Similar to the other types of senior housing options in NYC, the further you travel out from the City, the cheaper the cost of care. Memory care communities located in areas such as Brooklyn and Queens can offer starting rates in the vicinity of $4-5k per month for high quality memory care services and memory care housing.

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