Considering Elderly Housing for Your Loved One?

When it comes time to start considering placing your elderly loved one’s into one of the many senior housing options available, conducting a bit of research ahead of time will help overall with an immense amount of general understanding about the entire elderly housing placement process. As there are many types of senior housing options, sometimes there is some general confusion in deciding which type of elderly housing option is best for your loved one’s.

Different Elderly Housing Options-

Independent Living- This type of senior housing is for the elderly that can still get around but may want some extra help with tasks such as daily chores and meal preparation. Independent living communities offer the elderly the freedom to live as they please, among similar age groups, and with minimal intervention from the staff at the independent living community. Similar to other types of senior housing, independent living communities provide their residents with plenty of extracurricular activities, social events, day trips, and opportunities to travel.

Assisted Living- This type of elderly housing is similar to independent living, yet is offered with more services. Assisted living communities provide elderly residents with an engaging daily routine and schedule that includes time for stretching, exercise, games, arts and crafts, along with many other activities. Assisted living communities usually provide additional related medical services, administering medication, and routine check ups for residents of the community.

Nursing Homes- This type of senior and elderly housing provides residents that need constant medical monitoring with 24/7 around the clock care, along with typical senior housing amenities, meals and drinks, administering medications, doctor visits, and more. Nursing homes are usually set up similar to hospitals, typically have nurses on staff 24/7, and sometimes provide additional services such as physical therapy.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities- Similar to nursing homes, continuing care retirement communities offer seniors and the elderly an additional housing options. CCRC’s are larger community style nursing homes in essence, with different levels of care available for the different needs of each resident. 24/7 around the clock medical care, typical senior housing amenities, meals, administering medications, doctor visits, and more

Memory Care Communities- As the name suggests, this type of senior or elderly housing option specializes in the care of people living with different memory related issues or conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or other type of cognitive issue. Memory care communities also provide the usual 24/7 around the clock medical care, typical senior housing amenities, meals, administering medications, doctor visits, and much more.

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