Getting Ready to Move into an Assisted Living Facility or Assisted Living Community?

Have you finally decided to make the move into an assisted living facility or assisted living community? If so, then congratulations on the decision and it is time to get started with preparing for the big move.

As every client is different in multiple respects, each new assisted living resident will have their own personal situations and criteria that will contribute to the amount of preparation they will have to do before moving day. Some of these situations could include packing, downsizing, having yard or estate sales, settling paperwork with different types of insurance companies, potentially working with realtors and mortgage brokers, dealing with moving companies, working with attorneys and estate attorneys, communicating with all of the new assisted living community doctors and care providers, finalizing any paperwork needed by the new assisted living facility, finalizing any loose ends, and then ultimately moving into the new assisted living community.

It can be a bit overwhelming for some people, but there are almost always free services and good people that are there to help, and if not, any elderly or senior person has to do is ask for assistance from the proper channels and they may be surprised at what they come up with in terms of options and alternatives related to finding an assisted living community.

Listed below are some of the main criteria most new assisted living community residents will have to go through before moving into their new home-

Paperwork and phone calls- Anything and everything from the initial phone call to a medical insurance company, to speaking with an assisted living consultant, to potentially consulting with an attorney or two,  maybe a realtor or mortgage specialist to sell or leverage property before moving, lining up moving services, closing out any outstanding accounts, to paperwork being completed and filed with the assisted living community.

Consolidating personal belongings- this is usually the hardest part of the transition into assisted living as going through and having to either giveaway, sell, donate, store, or throw away items that one has acquired through their lifetime is hard to swallow.

Setting the final dates- After the final dates have been set for moving into the assisted living community, then it is time to finalize now if not beforehand, other aspects of the final relocation into the assisted living community. Some other aspects of the move could be finalizing and signing paper work with attorneys, banks, bill collectors, mortgage/title companies, moving companies, etc.

Moving In: After the final date is settled on and everything is taken care of, then it is time to get all other aspects of the relocation process finished. Some of the aspects could be packing items into boxes, final cleaning of the home, getting items moved over to the new assisted living community, unpacking, purchasing any remaining items that may be needed, getting settled in, checking out the community and amenities, etc.

As this is just a brief overview of what the relocation process for moving into an assisted community could entail, when it comes down to it, it is all about being somewhat informed and prepared, keeping a schedule, and “rolling with the punches” as they happen as most things ever go as planned.

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