Senior and Elderly Retirement Communities vs. Assisted Living Communities

What is the difference Between a Elderly Retirement Community versus a Elderly Assisted Living Community? In order to compare the difference between the two options, we must first understand the main subtle differences that define an elderly retirement community when compared to an elderly assisted living community.

What Are Elderly Retirement Communities?

Generally speaking, a retirement community is basically a special community for older people that would like to live around people within the same age range. Most retirement communities have prerequisites that must be met in order to be able to move into the retirement community; such as a specific age range. A retirement community is kind of a “blanket term” in that it can refer to a small senior housing facility, to large multi story apartment buildings, to a sprawling residential retirement development with different types of senior housing options available.

In most cases, a senior retirement community simply provides people that are of a specific age bracket a place to be able to “retire” around other people with similar interests. As every retirement community is different, each will have its own unique set of criteria that must be met before a person can even begin to apply to move into the retirement community. Some retirement communities are lenient with these restrictions, while other specialized retirement communities such as for the elderly or luxury retirement communities, are far more strict in terms of getting approved to move into them.

What Are Assisted Living Communities?

An assisted living community is much different than a retirement community. Assisted living communities are far more involved with their residents, the residents daily tasks, and the residents ongoing medical needs and care. An assisted living community is basically where seniors and the elderly relocate to when they are having issues with conducting themselves and their daily living tasks; hence the phrase “assisted living”. Assisted living communities usually provide around the clock care to all of  their residents, while retirement communities typically only provide a residence and common amenities.

There are other types of senior and elderly housing options to also review- senior and elderly houses and facilities, independent living communities, memory care communities, skilled nursing home facilities, and continuing care retirement communities or CCRC’s.

Why Use an Assisted Living Placement Agency-

Assisted living placement agencies can provide everything from researching top senior and elderly communities, to paperwork, to brokering deals, helping the new resident until they are completely moved and settled into their new home.

Benefits of Using an Assisted Living Placement Advisor-

  • Fast and efficient, especially when compared to DIY.
  • Contributes to a less stressful situation for family and friends involved in the process.
  • Can help with communication and the “acceptance” factor.
  • Finding assisted living community options that are perfect for the new resident
  • Broker a better deal in terms of housing & services pricing, perks, and additional amenities.
  • Can help with providing information on other related services such as legal services, accounting, moving services, and more.

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