The Different Types of Senior Living Communities and Covid-19 Updates

With Covid-19 still running rampant across the globe, many elderly and seniors have literally been forced to take refuge in order to prevent the potential transmission of Covid-19. As this particular virus seemingly targets those in society that are either in their senior years or have other underlying health conditions, there is good reason for all of the new rules and regulations put in place specifically at assisted living communities, independent living communities, memory care communities, nursing homes, retirement homes, and continuing care communities; simply to protect our elderly loved ones.

Along with the new Covid-19 rules and regulations, these types of senior living facilities had to put into place numerous additional safety procedures, including the restriction of visitors, and the restriction of community tours for potential new residents. In short, Covid-19 has created negative ripple effects across the industry, contributing to a steady decline in new residents either changing there mind or deciding to completely hold off on senior living until it is safer to make this major life decision.

How The Different Types of Senior Living Communities Are Adapting With Covid-19

With the obvious decline in placement access the nation, many assisted living communities, independent living communities, memory care communities, and other types of senior living  and continuing care communities have had to move quickly to adapt with the times for both keeping existing residents safe, secure, and healthy along with attracting new residents to their senior living communities.

Assisted living communities, independent living communities, memory care communities, along with all of the other types of senior living communities have adapted to Covid-19 by implementing everything from the general Covid-19 safety guidelines, to enhanced cleaning and sanitation practices, resident and employee routine testing, no visitation or limited visitation, quarantine zones, special “visitors only” rooms to protect residents while visiting with friends and family, etc.

How Senior Assisted Living Communities Are Still Important During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The simple fact remains, all of the many different types of senior living facilities and communities serve a very important purpose in our modern society, taking care of our elders.

As seniors age, it is almost always advised as best practice to basically “keep it moving” as best you can while progressing towards being happier and healthier. The phrase “keeping it moving” interpreting basically into getting out and about as safely as possible, keeping up with family and friends, knocking out daily chores, keeping up with the housekeeping and laundry, getting plenty of doctor recommended exercise(if applicable), getting outdoors to get plenty of sun and fresh air, etc.

Yet with the current Covid-19 pandemic, keeping it moving has become much harder for a large portion of our elder population. This can and is currently contributing to a wide range of detrimental effects on seniors, ranging from emotional, mental, cognitive, and overall physical health deterioration.

In a sense, a catch 22 in regards to living in a senior living community that respects and employs covid-19 prevention protocols. Even though Covid-19 is still a major concern, in most cases a professionally operated senior living community is often the better option for an elderly person looking for senior living placement and for many reasons. Some of the main reasons why a senior assisted living community is often the better option: safety and security, healthy and nutritious meals prepared and served, little to no housekeeping, safe socialization, ease of access to needed medication, personal & qualified care, transportation services, etc.

Senior Assisted Living Placement Services

As the entire industry has seen a decline due to Covid-19, so are the senior assisted living placement consultants, placement services, and large networks that assist the elderly with finding the perfect senior living community.  Due to the current senior living landscape, many senior living communities, their strategic partners, large senior living networks, placement services , to senior living placement consultants alike are now resorting to creative advertising campaigns, marketing strategies, and more technology to generate interest in senior living and their respective communities alike.

Some of these creative advertising and marketing concepts include; scheduling/booking of virtual tours, hosting private virtual informative events, holding group in-person events, hosting Covid-19 safe large outdoor events with entertainment (where applicable), hosting small group lunch and learns for in industry professionals, in-person check in’s and/or daily morning coffee/breakfast drop-offs, daily/weekly calls to check in and follow up, emails and email marketing, connecting with senior centers and related senior services, churches and church groups, senior citizen groups, so on and so forth.

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