How to Select the Perfect Assisted Living Community in Manhattan

Finding the perfect assisted living community can be difficult, in this article we share some tips and tricks to help navigate the process.

For those who have a senior loved one who is living alone or needs some extra assistance, it’s essential to keep them as safe and healthy as possible. That being said, it can be difficult knowing how to find the right assisted living community in Manhattan for your loved one.

When looking at assisted living communities in the area, you should always start by checking out their track record. If a state agency has cited them for violations over the past year, then you might want to look elsewhere. You also want to make sure that they are well-staffed with caring nurses and cooks. For example, if your parent has severe Alzheimer’s disease, they may need additional staff to assist them with their memory care needs. You should also check out the community’s overall cleanliness, as this is often a sign of their overall attention to detail and staffing levels.

If your loved one has a specific medical condition, you may want to check with multiple assisted living communities in New York City to see if they offer any accommodations for that particular issue. For example, because there is such a high population of older adults who have Alzheimer’s disease, many Manhattan assisted living communities offer protection and guidance for those individuals. Another way that you can help ensure that your loved one receives adequate care is by checking out their activities list each month; this will give you an idea of what they do throughout the week and how much they engage with others. If possible, set up an appointment at these communities by yourself or even with your loved one to get a feel for what it is like.

If you’re looking for an assisted living community in Manhattan, there are many wonderful assisted living communities within the area that can meet your needs perfectly. We hope this guide has been helpful, and please also consider calling us today so our knowledgeable and caring team can give you personalized recommendations based on the specific needs of your loved one.

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