When researching the possibility of placing a loved one into an assisted living community you will find that there are many factors that are taken into consideration in terms of pricing, processes, and ultimately placement. One of the more important criteria that is used by assisted living communities to “score” new residents is the ADL and IADL scales. For those that do not know, ADL stands for “Activities of Daily Living” and “Instrumental Activities of Daily Living”. These two terms basically refer to basic daily life tasks that a person must be able to perform in order to be able to live independently.

Basic Activities of Daily Living (ADLs / BADLs)

BADLs and ADLs are the basics of taking care of oneself on a daily basis. These daily self-care tasks can include:

  • Walking-
  • Eating & Drinking-
  • Getting Dressed & Grooming-
  • Going to the Bathroom-
  • Personal Hygiene- Washing up, bathing/showering, brushing teeth, clipping nails
  • Overall Mobility- Aside from walking, being able to move around and bend fairly freely, can sit and get up with no problems, able to get in and out of bed, etc.

Basic IADLs Examples include:

  • Shopping
  • Cooking meals and Eating
  • Managing Finances
  • Managing Medication
  • Managing the household
  • Transportation
  • Communication- telephone, mobile phone, tablet, computers

During the initial consultations, an assisted living advisor or the assisted living communities themselves will ask specific questions pertaining to the ADLs and IADLs checklist. The prospective client will then be “scored or rated” according to their current situation, ranging from complete independence to needing simple reminders, a stand by assist, to needing daily assistance with an ADL or IADL. This process can be called an ADL Assessment- basically a standardized system used to “rate” each new client. One of the most common standardized methods is the Katz Index of Independence in Activities of Daily Living.

The Importance of ADLs and IADLs

Beyond the obvious reasons, ADLs and IADLs are also used by health professionals assess a persons ability to function in a general sense. If a person has issues with completing ADLs and IADLs, then there are more than likely other physical, cognitive, and/or health problems that are contributing to the lack of overall functionality. This offers additional insight into an individuals specific diagnosis, which allows the health professionals to plan a more in-depth custom tailored treatment to assist with managing the underlying conditions. The ultimate goal is to gather as much information as possible to make sure that a loved one is properly taken care of either on their own, with the assistance of another person, or at an assisted living community.

ADL, IADLs, and Assisted Living Communities

If your loved one is in fact struggling with performing their ADLs and IADLs, then it may be time to start thinking about the different types of senior care or senior assisted living options. As this process is not easy for anyone involved, making sure that you communicate your care and concern to your loved one should help make all of the difference with navigating these complex conversations. At the end of the day, we all enjoy our independence, and would almost all prefer to stay in our homes as we get into our golden years; yet this is not always the case.

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