Top Independent Living Communities in Staten Island, NY

Staten Island Independent Living Placement Services

Assisted Living Advisers was created with a purpose – to help elders find their perfect retirement home. We know how hard it is to find the “perfect” senior home according to your needs. This is why we offer free consultation services, where we can discuss your wishes, and offer a few flexible options – senior apartments, retirement community, retirement home, senior care facility, or other form of independent living for seniors. Whatever your interests are, you can visit and decide where you want to spend your golden years. Call us today and find out the details!

Assisted Living Advisers is a FREE concierge style senior placement service that offers fast professional help with finding the “Perfect” senior living community. with our fast 5 step placement program-

  • 1 No-Obligation. Consultation.
  • 2 Identifying Your. Lifestyle Needs.
  • 3 Reduce Your. Monthly Costs.
  • 4 Personalized List Of. Local Housing Options.
  • 5 Touring The Communities.

Take Advantage of our FREE Personalized, Concierge Style, Senior Assisted Living Placement Services in NY, NJ, CT. Helping families place their loved ones in the most accommodating, cost effective, and elegant senior living communities since 2010! Give us a call and receive the personal guidance you need!