Why You Should Use a Senior Placement Advisor

There are numerous Senior Living options for you and your loved ones, you have probably started your research and may already feel overwhelmed by the amount of information available about senior assisted living community placement . It’s important that you do your own research to get an educated understanding of the topic, but it’s also quite helpful to speak with a senior assisted placement advisor that can help you through the entire process. A senior placement advisor guides families on the best senior housing option that can meet their needs and wants. In case you’re still skeptical about hiring a a free senior living advisor, here are five reasons to help you decide.

They Are Knowledgeable

The process of finding a senior living home – from personal research to the actual move – can be stressful and challenging. It’s hard because it’s an unfamiliar process. Even with all of the personal research you do, a lot of questions may still be left unanswered. A senior living advisor can save you the stress of doing it all alone. They are typically highly experienced and can offer in-depth knowledge and information about senior living options.

Your senior assisted living advisor can further educate you on the intricacies of assisted living placement and supply you with correct information you need such as, the different features of an assisted living facility near you, insurance issues, legalities, etc. The senior assisted advisor can also tell you about the approximate costs, amenities, and services for all of the assisted living communities they directly work with.

The process usually starts with a phone call with your senior assisted living advisor. In that call, similar to an interview, in which you can honestly tell them what you prefer, want, and need. The senior living advisor then recommends several fitting options for you to consider. This will help save you a great amount of time, effort, and money.  You now have someone who can literally narrow down your choices based on your personal criteria. In addition to this, senior assisted living advisors also have local knowledge and connections that can help make your transition as painless as possible. Common ancillary services that your senior assisted living adviser may be able to help with or personally knows- moving companies, law firms,  healthcare services, direct insurance company contacts, accountants, medicare/medicaid contacts, along with many other local resources.

Customization and Personalization

No family is the same. Each may be similar in some needs, but there is always something that is distinct from one family to the other. When you consult a senior living advisor, they will recommend a senior assisted living community that fits the information that you give. For example, a family may be looking into moving to an independent living facility because of a friend’s suggestion, but upon careful interview, an advisor may endorse an assisted living community instead. Advisors can also adapt to your specific situation. If it is urgent that you find a senior living facility immediately, then your senior placement advisor is quick to point you in the right direction.

You Can Get a Better Deal

Assisted living placement advisors are not paid by the family for their services. They are paid by the facility/community instead. This means that a senior placement adviser does not perform their duties and responsibilities based on what you can offer. Senior assisted living consultants really work based on your best interests. Furthermore, senior advisors are familiar with the cost of each facility or community, as well as some local resources you can use, so you can sometimes discuss the possible amount you will need after a quick and simple phone call.

They Follow Through

An senior assisted placement advisor’s help and support does not stop in your first phone call. Their service continues until your loved one has successfully moved into the senior living facility or community that you choose. After the initial phone call, the advisor typically sets a schedule where you can visit the facilities together. And when you finally choose a place, they will also help you with the move and transition. This is a quality service that you and your loved ones should enjoy.

Peace of Mind

Choosing an assisted living facility or community is a big decision for the family. The course of finding a place to move in is challenging and the stress can affect the entire family. An assisted living placement adviser eases some of the stress by giving you only the important details you need to know and focus on. You can trust that a senior placement advisor puts you and your loved one’s best interest first whenever they give their recommendations. Their organized process from screening to moving into a facility or community provides you the peace of mind that you made the right choice.

An Assisted Living Placement Advisor is a person who has a deep understanding and appreciation for seniors, therefore, you can trust that they will be really helpful in your search for the best assisted living community. Some would still ask if they need an advisor. Well, you can choose to personally do the process yourself, but it will surely be a lot easier to accept and receive help from someone well versed and educated on the entire process of transitioning a loved one into a senior assisted living community. Your senior living advisor can make the whole process organized and simplified therefore saving you all the time, energy, stress and lessening your anxieties and worries.

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